The Indian Act and Amendments 1970-1993: An Indexed Collection



ISBN 0-88880-290-0
1993 140 pp. Softcover

This reference work sets out the 1970 and 1985 consolidations of the federal Indian Act and a complete collection of the amendments made subsequent to each consolidation. The cut-off date for the inclusion of amendments in this compilation was July 31, 1993. Amendments are inserted immediately following the section, subsection or paragraph to which the amendment refers. A comprehensive subject index is provided and provides a useful tool by tracing developments in the legislative history, since 1970, of the provisions in the Indian Act.  Where a provision in the Act has been amended, the subject index provides the citation to the amending Act and defines the nature of the development.  A companion volume to Indian Acts and Amendments 1868-1975:  An Indexed Collection.