Indigenous Law Centre Publishing

The Indigenous Law Centre publishes the Canadian Native Law Reporter—Canada’s only case law report series on Aboriginal law. Our monographs and books are written by both established and emerging academics and legal practitioners.

Across the whole range of our publishing, we are committed to producing high-quality legal resources that give meaningful insight into topics and issues in Aborigina or Indigenous l law. We welcome submissions of original works in the subject area of Aboriginal or Indigenous law that are research-based, analytical in nature, and incisive in interpretation of trends in law and of where the law is headed.

Step 1: Submit a proposal

We ask prospective authors to submit proposals, rather than entire manuscripts, for initial consideration. Email the proposal to the Publications Manager at, and please include:

  • a letter outlining the rationale for writing the book, the focus of the work, your sense of the potential audience for the work, and the extent of the manuscript in word count, including any preliminary and end matter such as preface, appendices, and bibliography
  • an annotated table of contents
  • the introduction
  • a sample chapter
  • samples and an estimate of the total number of any non-text materials such as maps and tables to be included in the final manuscript
  • your curriculum vitae

If the proposal is of interest to us, we will ask you to submit an electronic copy of the complete manuscript in Microsoft Word format, which will be reviewed by specialists in the field.

Step 2: Prepare the Manuscript

If the proposal is accepted, you will be asked to email the manuscript to the Publications Manager at The manuscript must include:

  • title page
  • table of contents
  • introduction or preface
  • main text and footnotes
  • copies/drafts of any non-text materials
  • any other ancillary materials, such as bibliography, table of cases, appendices.

The manuscript must be set in a standard typeface and type size, double-spaced on 8½” x 11″ paper, with generous margins (1½” on all sides of text). Pages should be numbered consecutively. Provide unjustified text, inactivate auto-hyphenation, and ensure that heading levels are immediately apparent. Footnotes, not endnotes, should be used. Where French and English language is used, spelling should conform to the Canadian Oxford Dictionary. For style and formatting rules please consult theCanadian Guide to Uniform Legal Citation and the Chicago Manual of Style.

If we accept the manuscript for publication, an agreement to publish, which sets out the responsibilities of both the publisher and the author, may be offered. The author retains the copyright to the work.

Step 3: Publishing Process

Editing and Proofing
We will edit the manuscript for content, structure, style, and consistency. Depending on the nature and extent of the revisions, we may be in contact with you during the editorial process. The edited manuscript will be sent to you for revisions and approval of the suggested changes. Once the revisions are satisfactorily completed, page proofs will be prepared and forwarded to you for proofreading and approval. Editorial staff will also proofread these pages.

Compiling the index is the author’s responsibility. The index is the last part of the manuscript to be prepared and cannot be completed until the manuscript text is set into page proofs. From the page proofs you will be able to add the appropriate page numbers to the index entries.

All matters of design, such as page layout, typography, running heads, paper stock, and cover, are the responsibility of the publisher, but we will consult with you on design elements.

Our market is diverse and includes, but is not limited to, libraries, scholars, academic institutions, lawyers, judges, policy advisors, First Nations institutions, all levels of government, and Indigenous communities. Methods of promotion may include direct marketing, brochures, display copies, review copies, and submission of data to bibliographic databases used by librarians and other buyers when selecting titles.