2019-2020 Rehabilitative Alternatives to Incarceration – A Handbook of Community & Government Programs in Saskatchewan


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Written by CLASSIC and published by the Indigenous Law Centre, this Handbook is meant to increase awareness about community and government resources across Saskatchewan that provide rehabilitative alternatives to custodial sentences, particularly for Indigenous peoples. The manual includes information about addictions and mental health services, alternative measures and extrajudicial sanctions, counselling services, anger management and other programming. CLASSIC hopes the handbook will assist defence counsel in pointing to the applicability of Gladue principles while identifying alternative, rehabilitative programming for their clients. The manual may also assist judges, probation officers and parole officers in the identification of government and community-based services for individuals in conflict with the law. The ultimate aim of the manual is to reduce the representation of Indigenous people in the criminal justice system by providing viable programming alternatives that address criminogenic factors and promote healing in the lives of Indigenous people, their families and communities.