Métis Treaties in Canada: Past Realities and Present Promise


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Larry Chartrand

ISBN 9780888806512 (PDF)
2020 36 pp. 

ISBN 9780888806536 (softcover)
2020 36 pp. (*Now available!*)

This book is a legal inquiry into the prevalence of Métis diplomacy during the Métis Nation’s growth and development on the American prairies. In particular, the book focuses on Métis treaty diplomacy. Contrary to popular opinion, the Métis communities did engage in considerable treaty activity with other Indigenous nations and colonial authorities despite an emerging and hardening federal policy of ignoring the Métis as a distinct people. With the odd exception, the Federal government rejected nation-to- nation negotiations, and instead treated the Métis as a group of half-civilized individuals who were to be classified as either “white” or “Indian” but not as their own distinct people. This policy continues to the present day and is manifest in discriminatory treatment in accessing treaty claim processes for Métis collectives. This book explores the need to decolonize the Métis-Canadian relationship and to re-engage in a treaty relationship once again.