Gladue Awareness Project: Final Report


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Benjamin A. Ralston
ISBN 9780888806437
2020 88 pp. PDF 

Funded by the Law Foundation of Ontario Access to Justice Fund, this informative report shares knowledge with respect to both the crisis of Indigenous over-incarceration in Saskatchewan and the justice system’s response.1 This report is a compilation of the findings from the ILC’s Gladue Awareness Project, which focused primarily on sharing information about the Supreme Court of Canada’s decision in R v Gladue [1999] 2 CNLR 252. The Project reviewed the unique considerations involved in the sentencing of Indigenous people with all those who work in or are exposed to the criminal justice system in Saskatchewan. The Final Report2 summarizes the work completed through the Project and also provides a baseline for future research and education in this area. Ultimately, Gladue Awareness Project: Final Report aims to foster greater knowledge of the Gladue decision and its implementation in Saskatchewan and nationally. 

[1] While financially supported by The Law Foundation of Ontario Access to Justice Fund, the Indigenous Law Centre and the author, Benjamin Ralston, are solely responsible for all content of the report.

[2] Print copies of the Final Report are unavailable at this time.