Indigenous Law Centre

The Indigenous Law Centre will be closed until further notice. Our team is now working remotely and our phone lines and emails will still reach us. Please be in touch.

New book on sale now!

Métis Treaties in Canada: Past Realities and Present Promise by Larry Chartrand

The Indigenous Law Centre (ILC) at the University of Saskatchewan is pleased to announce the release of its highly anticipated publication, Gladue Awareness Project: Final Report.


About us

The Indigenous Law Centre (formerly the Native Law Centre) at the University of Saskatchewan aims to facilitate access to legal education for Indigenous peoples, to promote the development of the law and the legal system in Canada in ways which better accommodate the advancement of Indigenous peoples and communities, and to disseminate information concerning Indigenous peoples and the law.

Our objectives

  • Provide and promote access to high quality legal education for Indigenous people throughout Canada, and to provide a positive example of Indigenous legal education internationally;
  • Undertake and promote legal research and interdisciplinary legal research of Aboriginal or Indigenous matters, nationally and internationally;
  • Publish legal reference and scholarly materials that reflect a wide range of Aboriginal, Indigenous, and interdisciplinary legal subjects;
  • Serve as a specialist resource on Aboriginal and Indigenous legal issues; and
  • Foster national and international relationships and collaboration for mutual enrichment and for joint work on Indigenous issues

Our supporters

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